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Relocate to Renovate New Aspects

laboratory relocation

Most of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries will face this challenge while changing the laboratories. These changes will be done for acquisition, funding changes, mergers, or organic growth, it was the most difficult thing for laboratory relocation that will our laboratory research, business goals, and scientists too. It involves moving hazardous materials, products, high analytical instruments, samples, and even live animals also. Labour relocation required to shut down laboratory equipment, devices, materials, computer hardware, samples, potential data to new location, and packing and shipping instruments. If all required items relocate to a new location then it will be opened and things or equipment have to settle in a suitable place in a new location. Then it should check or validate whether it is working or not. Company growth will raise if the laboratory relocates correctly otherwise it falls. If it doesn’t relocate properly then the organization will go to ends. There are some ways to avoid disaster. Preserving the integrity of current research, avoid using sensitive damage equipment, delays must be avoided in ongoing research, more cost will stop the next move. If we move our lab near to hall, country or city, routine exercise is never happening for laboratory relocation. In the reality, there are no two laboratories with the same aspects. Each laboratory must have unique challenges that must be addressed with care. Laboratory owners have to practice in all cases to ensure the laboratory relocation is a safe, smooth and efficient process. It will decrease disruption and downtime for our business. The laboratory relocation process is a very complex process. Some steps are followed while relocating the laboratory in a smooth way. The steps are:

Examine a site assessment – The relocation team has to meet the lab manager for collecting the background information of relocating place, this research will be conduct naturally and issues also be clarified at this meeting. In this assessment, both new and old facilities will be conducted that contains checking the permit for hazardous materials, confirming the temperature for biological samples, sensitive chemicals, and supplies, checking whether the additional assets are properly relocated like tables, chairs. New and old facilities of physical layout will be mapped includes loading dock access schedules.

Creating a detailed schedule and plan – Three to six months of planning will be required for simple laboratory relocation. We cannot move a single piece of equipment without proper planning. While changing the location of the laboratory, the plan is very difficult to detail. It is difficult while moving to more than one site. After the work is finished, then the project must be developed that includes each and every operational aspect of the move with logistics, timetables, and ownership. Sending and receiving facilities will be included in the plan. It also provides identify and prioritize critical assets, detailed schedule, detailed asset placement in a new surrounding, contingency, describing anticipated logistical obstacles, identifying important transportation requirements and includes risk management plan, etc. Organization profitability and productivity for the future will be impacted with the help of successful laboratory relocation. We have to work hard and get success then only we can make others realize that our decision is correct. From that only we can feel good and makes others also good. It helps some others persons to develop in this process.

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