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Your Smart Choices for the Best Chainsaws

When choosing a chainsaw for personal use, it is necessary to take into account a number of characteristics that are crucial for a device of this type. Here are the main ones:

  • Device power
  • For stable and efficient operation of the chainsaw, it is necessary to use high-quality consumables
  • The weight of the device does not forget about the fuel tank, which will also increase the total mass.
  • The type of fuel that is necessary for the operation of the chainsaw.
  • The length of the tire main work item
  • Availability of protection and additional functions, for example, emergency target catcher, soft start

Helpful advice: If you plan to use the chainsaw quite often, it would be better if the device has vibration protection. The husqvarna chainsaw happens to have the best variations there.

Classification of chainsaws: features of each type of use

Depending on the combination of all these characteristics, the devices were divided into classes. In order to understand which chainsaw to choose, you need to figure out which class this or that device belongs to.


Domestic chainsaws use much less fuel than professional ones.

Domestic chainsaws entry-level devices designed for home use. Such devices have the smallest engine power while consuming a small amount of fuel. In addition, they are characterized by a small size, which greatly facilitates storage and operation.

The main purpose of such a device is to harvest a small amount of firewood, pruning dry tree branches, and building small objects. As a rule, the length of the working part of a household chainsaw does not exceed 35 cm, and the engine power is not more than 2 kW.

Such a device is quite capable of coping with most everyday tasks, even if several approaches have to be done. The only drawback is the time of using such low-power devices. To avoid damage, manufacturers recommend using them no more than 1 hour per day.

A farm-class chainsaw designed for daily and regular use

Farm chainsaws semi-professional level such devices can cope with more complex tasks than household ones. For example, with their help, you can build a wooden house or prepare the amount of firewood needed for constant heating. The motor power of such devices ranges from 2-3 kW.

Unlike household appliances, semi-professional chainsaws are able to withstand significant loads, working for 8-10 hours a day. The tire length, in this case, is 40-45 cm, so it will be easier to saw logs of large diameter.

The main application is deforestation, large-scale firewood procurement, as well as individual construction. Helpful advice: Buying a semi-professional chainsaw, if it is not really necessary, is not worth it.

Professional chainsaws

It is the tool that is designed for regular use in harsh conditions. As a rule, such devices are used at sawmills for logging on a large scale. For home use, such devices are not purchased. To figure out which chainsaw is better, you need to consider the characteristics of all the most widely known models, paying attention to the advantages and disadvantages of each. We draw attention to the products of the most popular manufacturers, comparing their pricing policy and the quality of the products offered.

Chainsaws Calm: prices and specifications

You can buy the Calm 180 chainsaw almost everywhere because this model is one of the most popular among users. Its multifunctional design allows you to work quickly and safely, performing tasks in the shortest possible time.

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