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Trump Hats and the Origins You Need to Know

Even at the beginning of the 20th century, it was almost impossible to see a person with his head uncovered on the street. About what hats were popular at that time, about the best hat brands and famous hats and the hats will soon return to men’s fashion. The use is happening of This product at trumpmagas  now.

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The story of the hat begins with Egypt, wherein Thebes on the wall of the tomb has painted a man in a straw headdress. The Greeks covered their heads only when traveling. In those days, hats were an attribute of a noble stratum and a symbol of power. In ancient Egypt, a large blanket of striped fabric was the privilege of the pharaohs, others, except for slaves, used wigs. In the middle Ages, hats became a luxury item. They began to be decorated with feathers, down, fur, ribbons and precious stones. In the XIV-XV centuries, France dictated fashion for hats. In Russia, married women then wore “kokoshniks”. XIX century is the era of hat revival. At this time, no girl, a mature lady or a child without a hat would go out. The rules that allow a woman not to take off her hat indoors were established just then.

The hat, as the European cut of the suit, meaning the estate of the person. The manufacturing process of the hat cannot be mechanized. It is always not just manual work, but art. The image of the milliner the craftswoman who creates the hat has become popular. This brought the mods closer to the ladies from the upper strata. The hatter brought the venerable families to ruin, and their names were preserved in everyday culture along with historical figures and other celebrities. For example, a rare novel of the first half of the last century dispensed with the mention of the Sachler hatter, known in St. Petersburg and far beyond.

Types of Men’s Hats

There is a funny legend about the cylinder as a monstrous invention of 1797: John Geterington walked yesterday along the sidewalk of the promenade, having on his head a huge pipe made of silk and characterized by a strange brilliance. Its effect on passers-by was terrible. They write that he was even fined, but after only a few years the cylinder was already at the height of fashion and throughout the 19th century, men, like damned ones, wore an uncomfortable high hat that clung to tree branches and doorways, and also visually made a person lower than he really is. Due to the cumbersomeness of the cylinder, in 1823 the hat was invented a folding cylinder. The top of the cylinder became soft and held on a spacer; in the room, the hat folded and hid an armpit. Cylinders came out of everyday use only after the First World War. They still rushed for some time in solemn occasion’s dinner parties, public ceremonies, ritual funerals, weddings. Diplomatic etiquette regulated the wearing of the cylinder until the 1970s.

Bowler hat

A bowler hat is one of the characters of all truly British. A pot was created around 1850. The hat was made from felt obtained from rabbit and rabbit fur, which was impregnated with shellac and a mercury solution.

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