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Tips To Watch Out For When Choosing an Electricity Supplier

Customers in the country have been able to choose their electricity and gas supplier for more than 10 years. Hundreds of suppliers are licensed to supply electricity or gas in the country, only a few of them operate throughout the country. You need to have the Power to Choose .


Price is the main criterion for many. It is understandable there is no better and worse electricity, no better and worse gas. The delivery itself and the whole operation is ensured by the distributor, which is only one for each territory if we do not take into account small local distribution networks, e.g. in large production areas or department stores. But pricing alone may have a different strategy for each vendor.

Power to Choose


The biggest inconvenience, if the customer is not explicitly informed, is that the price list is shorter than the contract duration. Or the contract is indefinite, but the price may change over time. The customer will notice in the finals except for the bill or even if he didn’t check it. Primarily, it is recommended concluding a contract in style contract duration or duration of the agreed price. The risk may be that the customer does not reduce the price in the event of a rapid fall in prices. However, this is not expected in the long term, as can be read in the previous articles.


Another option is to use a situation where the supplier holds lower prices than the competition, with the new price list, for example. for the next calendar year. The advantage is that if the prices increase, according to the Energy Act, the customer can withdraw from the contract at the date of the price increase. It has at least a month, which is the time that the supplier must notify in advance. The disadvantage is that it is sufficient to notify the supplier of this fact on the website and the customer has to watch it himself. Nor is it ideal for the period when this happens most often publication at the beginning of December and the date of increase to 1.1. In addition, prices are the highest during the winter.

Summary: be careful where the contract or price list specifies how long the price is valid.   The easiest way is to select a fixed price product for the entire contract period.


You can read about the behavior of individual suppliers towards customers on the Internet. It should be noted, however, that not every review is completely objective. Especially with these services, satisfied customers are rarely heard, but often dissatisfied customers. But one still takes the picture due to the amount of positive or negative contributions.

However, it is also recommended the OTE website where many statistics can be found. For example, how many customers changed each month, the supplier?

Above all, however, it is possible to find the number of supply points to which individual suppliers supply. On the one hand, you can take a picture of the size of the supplier, but at the same time, aim to consider what the individual suppliers say when they lose their supply points on a monthly basis which speaks of those who are gaining the highest rate of customers.

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