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The Items for Diablo 2: Your Picks

All of Europe, with bated breath, watched the duel. And, despite the fact that Barb then lost, the biggest win was achieved in another, but no less important area. After this duel, no one ever got our players the favorite and often a quite sincere question: But how can you be from Russia if you don’t have computers there? As you Buy diablo 2 items you need to be specific

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Along with the story of Barb on the net, the time of “great achievements” ended. The game was walked far and wide, fan sites filled up with guides and tips from experienced players, and people got bored. It turned out to be a rather unpleasant emotional plug Diablo II continued to be the best online game in its subgenre, but pretty tired of everyone. The period of experimentation and entertainment began.

There were various duels, PK-ing, and fancifully formed parties, for example, 8 paladins with different auras. On the chat, channels flashed barbarians throwing knives and sorceresses with spears. Older players have tried the drinking game we omit the details, otherwise, direct advertising of alcohol consumption will result.

83 Kb

The number of open games is almost always more than a dozen, except maybe early morning inaccessible heights rose items hunting a game whose goal is to search for elite weapons and armor. This entertainment is worth dwelling in more detail. Diablo II forums are full of messages like “made almost a thousand races on Baal, found nothing” “Or” I’ve been looking for Wind Force such a bow for six months, today I found it, hurray-hurray. This is not a joke, races on action bosses really have become a bit of an international sport on The process looks very much like a lottery in a minute or two the character gets to the adversary, knocks the spirit out of him, and with curiosity looks at the landed drop.

For some, such a pastime becomes the main goal of the game. They often make fun of them: “What is the point of running to Baal if you run only to knock clothes from it, in which it will be even more convenient to run to Baal?” The question, of course, is ridiculous, but not a single respectful munchkin will laugh in response. Self-respecting munchkin will establish a program that will drive the bot while he sleeps. All that remains in the morning is to check inventory. This “automation” finally killed Diablo II in the eyes of fair game lovers.

What will a Diablo II rookie who first hits find today? Despite all the vicissitudes, the game is still alive, and still, there is no big problem to find a company for joint passage or 72 Kb Eight characters maximum in the game. Most high level of difficulty and most points experience gained.

Rival for a duel

The game is alive, but it has changed a lot. The most serious loss is the departure of the best players from Diablo II, by the way, the screenshots to this article were kindly provided by one of the most famous diabloers in Shadow moon. Yes, some of them sometimes return to “drive the devils”, but most of them have long migrated to paid MMORPGs. There, hacks are tracked much stricter, and perpetrators can instantly lose their account. Together with the leading gamers from the net, the hot atmosphere of real competition for a high place in the ladder left, and the ladder itself pretty much depreciated.

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