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The history of Reliant energy and about renewable energy

An American energy company that has been based in Houston, Texas is known to be the Reliant energy. The Reliant energy has been headquartered in Houston, Texas. The largest electricity provider of Texas is known to be Reliant energy which has been serving over 1.5 million Texans that have been considered to be the subsidiary of NRG Energy. To the residential and then for the business customers, annually the Reliant energy has been providing 23 million megawatts of power. In the year 2000, Reliant energy has been founded. And then the Reliant energy’s retail electricity business has been purchased by NRG Energy in the year 2009. The customers have been providing the Reliant Energy Reviews based on the order experience and then with the rating of the services. While the NRG energy purchasing the Reliant energy, the company of Reliant energy had 1.8 million customers and at that time in Texas, Reliant energy has been considered as the second largest electricity provider. After the additional requisition of the NRG energy, in the year 2012, the name of Reliant energy has been maintained, and then it has been renamed as RRI Energy and still has been surviving as the wholesale business.

Upgradation and reviews about Reliant energy:

Reliant Energy Reviews

From the United States department of energy, the Reliant energy has been received 20 million dollars of money in the year 2010, and then it has been considered as part of the DEO’s recovery act activities. For the process of upgrading the electricity grid of the nation, the United States department of energy has been rewarded the amount which has been found to the suit of the smart grid products. For the excellence of the Reliant energy in the service of the customer’s execution, result, and then with the terms of strategy the Reliant energy has been awarded Maritz CX, the elite award in the year 2017, which has been given for the resulting of the customer experience. And then for the experience of the customers, sustainability, customers results, and business, and then for the transformation of efforts, the Reliant energy has been awarded Temkin Group CX Excellence Award in the year 2017. And in the year 2017, over the last six months, a total of 118 complaints have been received by the public utility commission of Texas which has been preceded against Reliant, and then the Reliant energy has been included with 22 numbers of slamming, and then 2 of the cramming violations. And then from the better business bureau, the Reliant energy has been received the rating of an A+ grade. Within the last three years, there the company of Reliant energy has been reported with 194 complaints which are reported by BBB.

Renewable energy relation with Reliant energy:

There in the Reliant energy, it has been providing wind turbines and then the solar renewable energy options towards its customers with better performance. For the energy which has been produced by the individual, the Reliant energy has been providing the sell-back options over the generation of the excess energy. With the Reliant energy, in the year 2013, the city of Houston has been signed with the agreement of the renewable energy. The agreement has been signed by the dedication of Houston which is interested to increase the use of solar energy and then the wind power energy as a resource.

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