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The Best of Swimwear Options for You Now

Enhance your body in a swimsuit? Yes, it can. Just choose the right model for your body with cunning and strategy without neglecting style and trends. To hide roundness and imperfections you don’t necessarily need clothes, sarongs, trousers and so on. The trick is all in cuts, colors, patterns, shoulder straps and necklines. Here are the models that give more to the now known body shapes. From swimwear australia now get the best option.

swimwear australia


The hourglass body shape is the most balanced of the five shapes. It has shoulders and hips of the same width, thin waist and medium to prosperous breasts. It is a femininity made person. If you have such a physique you can really afford everything. What you definitely need to do is to highlight your perfect silhouette as much as possible and in this sense, the classic bikinis with laces, the “trikini” and “monokini” help you, that is, those costumes that have bra and briefs connected with symmetrical cuts or asymmetrical, and leave the waist uncovered. Yes, also to the one-piece swimsuit with a deep V-neck. The laces or the straps of the bra harmonize better when they close behind the neck forming a triangle on the bust, and as panties, they give a lot of high-waisted culottes, which highlight it.


The pear-shaped figure is the most similar to the hourglass one in fact it maintains its very feminine appearance. The difference lies in the fact that the pear shape has a thinner bust, narrow shoulders and minute breasts, compared to the soft and wide hips. The waist is always well marked and is a great strength of this body shape, to always be left on display. With the costumes, you should put more volume on the bust through bras with flounces, ruffles, applications, and stay “dry” in the lower body so as not to accentuate the width of the hips. The straps choose thin: if they are too thick they risk making the breasts look even minute. A slip that fits very well on this line is the high waist culottes. If you have the opportunity to choose two different colors between the top and the bottom, opt for a bright and light color above, perhaps with a flamboyant fantasy like the very trendy floral one, it gives volume and on the contrary for a dark tint below shrinks.


The apple figure concentrates the weight on the torso, the arms and the belly, while the hips and legs are slender. If you reflect in this figure you should rebalance these two unbalanced weights. How? For the lower body, she dares panties enriched with ruffles, bows, fringes, applications, to add visual volume. For the bra instead, it focuses on deep V-necklines that streamline the bust or on one shoulder cuts: the diagonal breaks the width of the bust. As for the shoulder straps, better if thick: the very thin ones would make the torso appear even more voluminous.


The oval figure tends to accumulate weight in the center of the body, therefore on the belly and waist. Shoulders, arms and legs are soft, but not necessarily very voluminous. The costume that works best is certainly the whole one, which contains and shapes the missing waistline if it is color-block with the contrast game that cuts out the silhouette is perfect. A valid alternative is the one-piece draped diagonally or crossed: the oblique lines distract and make the volumes feel less.

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