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The Basement Rugs as Per Your Requirement

When choosing a carpet, it is important to realize the frequency of movement of people on the carpet and to choose a more or less durable carpet. Smaller rooms can be optically enlarged and brightened by using the bright color of the carpet. The thicker the carpet, the longer it should last. For example, very dense carpets are laid on the stairs. With the sale rugs you can have the best options now.

You can find out the density of carpet fibers if, for example, you bend the carpet sample in half and see the carpet fiber density at the bend. Likewise, a thicker carpet backing will ensure a longer service life. Lighting in stores can be different from lighting in your house, so good sellers also offer the option of renting carpet swatches directly to your home, so you can view the carpet in daylight and night lighting.

When purchasing a new carpet, you should remember that in offices as well as in the home, you can prevent damage to the carpet from the wheelchairs of the office chairs and chair by placing a transparent mat under the chairs. Office chairs should have rubber wheels. You can also prevent carpet contamination by using cleaning mats and zones before entering the rooms. Protective pads should be used under the feet of the furniture to prevent damage and abrasion of the carpet fibers.

bargain basement rugs

Especially in companies, offices and in busy areas you can try so-called carpet squares. The main advantage is that if there is a local, difficult to remove contamination or even damage to the carpet, damaged tiles can be replaced with a new one without having to replace the entire carpet. In general, stains from synthetic fiber carpets are easier to remove than natural fiber carpets. Synthetic fiber carpets are also cheaper than natural fiber carpets.

Just as important as choosing a carpet, so is the installation of the carpet in the room. It is advantageous if the seller also provides his own carpet laying. The connection of the carpet strips should be as far away from the windows as possible and also outside the busy places.

What does “hair type” mean?

One of the most important characteristics of a carpet is its wear layer and the way the hair is made. The life of the fiber depends on the fiber density to the height of the hair. The higher the number of fibers, the more abrasion resistant the carpet is.

Cut hair

  • The ends of the loops are cut to form upright fibers that intertwine with each other
  • They are a little more expensive because they are denser
  • Suitable for normal household operation


  • The fiber is not treated with this type of carpet, the surface is formed by a loop (regular, irregular)
  • Long durability, easier to maintain
  • Rooms with high traffic

Hair-loop combination

  • With this combination it is possible to create a plastic pattern on the carpet
  • Less durable
  • Wide range of colors and designs, shape memory

You may at first glance all the carpets the same, but not so when selecting, pay attention to the type of hair, material and use. It is good to know how much the carpet will be used and how long it will serve you without any problems.

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