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That’s why soccer is the most popular sport according to the kids

At the end of the World Cup, why does soccer prove to be the sport that the whole world can burn with fever? Unusually, we talked to elementary school athletes about this. When you can have the check this out then these information will come to a great support here.

What if other sports were as popular as soccer? We talked about this with soccer kids about sports soccer. What would happen if they were also competing in front of a huge stadium full of spectators, what they would feel like imagining themselves on the pitch? Many of them said that they would be disturbed by the noise, that they were watching. Others would enjoy the cast.

In this context, we began to reflect on why soccer became popular, and what the psychological reasons behind it were. We have tried to compile the reasons why we are now in soccer fever, not to say, in Europe.

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The track

Take the space, for example. Soccer requires a large pitch, so it can hold many spectators, so you have the opportunity to cheer. The human brain’s processing power is also limited, so if you see the space and follow what’s on the pitch, the match won’t be boring. Not to mention that the slower the game, the more time it takes to wait. The tension that anything can happen at any time a goal on the plane keeps the viewer excited, and for 90 minutes it can be a real joy.

The team

One of the key elements of popularity is that more people play, so the strength of the team is given, with its enthusiastic and captivating atmosphere. Being part of a team is an essential part of self-determination. That’s why it’s good to have fun, that’s why we become fans because the winning team gives power, even if we’re not directly members, just part of their support camp. With the support camp, you can be a part of a community that gives you security and a sense of belonging.

The rules

Simple rules that everyone understands and can follow are essential requirements. It can be debated and talked about, further increasing its popularity. In fact, you can play soccer anywhere, anytime. Sometimes you don’t even need a ball just a pin or anything you can kick but why not handball asked the kids. The solution seems simple our hands are cleverer. The game is spinning faster, less traceable, as it is faster than our feet.

The judge

Its role is like that of fairy tale in fairy tales, you can scold it, fight it together, hate it, and if you do us a favor, you will love it. Model what happens in our everyday lives during coexistence: adhere to rules, judge, exercise control, reward. We can identify with it because sometimes we are biased and strict.

Bread and circus

No sport has so many fouls, so many spectacular injuries. Is this only due to the nature of the sport or is it the result of broadcasting? The answer is maybe both. Players are also tasked with entertainment, though wouldn’t accidentally assume this is a conscious thing. On the players’ unconscious screen, the words they look always flash. In a good case, a soccer player can exclude the environment, but he can never be completely independent of his team, the fans, and the consequences.

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