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Stone makes a history of yours

What is the meaning of the headstone? When we died after finery, there will be a stone upon as it’s called as a Headstones . In monument, it will be our history of ours, about the date of birth, and the end of the day. And sometimes they can write some slogan about life and how they can live in their life. Some people make sadder for the dead, and it will make the wrong decision for him/his. So, we want to talk about how to live without them, and how to survey the world after they died. We want to live for their dreams, and someone wants to motivate them till he/she reaches success. But many people make the wrong decision, so we want to encourage them and go in their success way. It’s mostly through one, but if they like to do, they can do.

Stones are different type

There are various types of rocks, salt stone, limestone, marble, ordinary big stones, etc. When we take marble stone, the stone will be there in a Temple and also in graver. It will make them go to heaven if he/she does good things if they not go to hell. It’s a mindset to many people at Christmas, and Muslim to set a gravestone upon the body. The stone will be written your name, and sometimes you like in the world. Many loveable people can talk in finery about the good things you can do for them and the world.

After the death of all human 


After he/she died in heaven, gods will calculate their good and evil. If he/she has a lot of interest, they can go to heaven. If they have a lot of bad, they can go to hell. There is a story, but many of them thought it’s real and possible after death. Heaven makes a good know as Shiva. In India, a lot of people make a god name Lord Shiva. The hell God’s word was the devil; who is also called Lucifer; he is a good of a devil make the world full of surprises for us. He can make the rules of how to talk the soul and give life for home and others. He can maintain a whole book of each man; it looks like a history book. In Indian culture, a lot of people can write about the history of those who are looking for us. And there will be a lot of other life if we don’t go to heaven.

Help others

After we died, we cannot take all the money from us. So, they want to give to the poor people he/she can live with that, without any anger. A lot of people don’t have food to eat for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. We can help them give them a better life, and poor people like to live in peace full-minded. We want to help others and want to share our love with many people who have you love back. We want to trust the world what they provide, just accept it. Used to accept it. If we leave one time, the chance will never come back to you till your death.

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