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Smartest Solutions with the Best Disinfection Now

Of course, you know how to cope with an unexpected stain or glade, your home will be much more comfortable and the interior more impressive. You can have the home disinfection service for the best deals now.

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Get rid of minor defects

If a cigarette falls on you recently bought carpet, do not rush to grieve. Small pile defects are not so difficult to mask than you think. In the case of long- hair carpets made of synthetics, it is enough just to carefully trim the tan hairs. Well, for a quality woolen handsome man, a little ash is an insignificant misunderstanding, which you should not pay attention to at all. However, you may need to go with a vacuum cleaner and work a little with a brush dipped in a special cleaning solution to restore the perfect appearance.

But what if the problem is bigger?

Suppose a whole cigarette fell on the carpet, on the floor. Yes, not just like that, but lit. Indeed, nuisance is so nuisance. But not for those who are armed with our little secrets. Just gently remove the scorched villi, and then slightly shorten the pile of the purchased rug in those places where it is not so noticeable.

The resulting fluff should be enough to fill the former glaze. Take some household glue PVA or equivalent and apply it to the damaged surface. And now gently attach a pre-chopped pile and press with something heavy on top. After a few days, you can comb the restored area of ​​the rug with a comb, and if this place on the floor is too sticky, slightly crumble it with your hands.

We solve issues in a big way

The cuts and tears of the carpet look extremely unattractive. And to hide them is almost impossible if you do not attach some images to this. All we need is a cutter and thermal adhesive tape. Take a deep breath. Remember how gorgeous the carpet looked when you just bought it in a store in St. Petersburg – and with the intention of restoring its former beauty.

Lift the edges of the cut with a knife and pull the base slightly towards disaster. Now put the thermal tape under the carpet, tightly connect the edges and go over it with iron do not forget to set it to minimum power or put something when processing synthetic models. Then, after the procedure, hardly anyone except you will be able to notice a defect. And in a couple of days, when the pile comes in, and you will be hard to find it.

Insurance against “inborn” troubles

Unfortunately, not all carpets are of equal quality. Even if you purchase a certified product, you cannot be absolutely sure that you will not come across factory defects but what to do? Indeed, sometimes these “inborn” shortcomings of a carpet recently bought on the floor of a living room or bedroom can be discerned only after weeks or even months of its use.

The solution is simple: if you want to buy a carpet, be sure to choose only those stores that give a guarantee of quality and the longer the warranty, the better.

The warm floor under the carpet: can it be laid?

It is cozy in the house where it is warm. Therefore, a carpet on a warm floor is a wonderful combination but only if they fit together. Can carpets be laid on underfloor heating? To get an answer to this question, first examine the types and properties of warm floors.

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