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Right Details with the Custom Shutters

Do you still have doubts about your window decoration? Here are the benefits per type of window decoration so that you can make a good choice. You are undoubtedly looking for window decoration. We like that. Window decoration is a passion and experts are happy to help you in your search for the perfect customized window decoration. Can you no longer see the forest for the trees? We understand that there are many different options for covering a window. But we are going to help you. Get the best with the custom shutters sacramento  now.

Which window decoration do you go for?

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Space and the type of window play a major role in the search for new window decoration. In addition to the space and the type of window, taste and practical preferences naturally, also come into play. What do you find the important per room, privacy, little or a lot of light or a complete darkening?

Here are different types of window decorations in different ranges. Curious about the benefits of a certain type of window decoration, then read on.

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are typical mood makers. The specially selected real wood gives the blinds a luxurious and warm appearance. With solid hues, the wood has a modern look. With the different product options, you can style the wooden blind entirely to your own taste. Make a choice between the slat widths of 50 mm or 63 mm and finish with or without ladder tape. Wooden blinds have a special privacy closure. The slats do not contain any holes and fall over each other tile-wise so that you do not have a look at the closure.

Tip: tilt the slats counter-clockwise for less view when open.

Pleated curtains

Pleated blinds are incredibly versatile, you can go in all directions and they are suitable for practically every type of window standard window, turn-tilt window, skylight, door, etc.

Decide for yourself which part of the window you close with the top down bottom up version. That way you have optimum control over privacy and incidence of light because you can operate top and bottom. A big advantage of pleated blinds is the double-cell structure, which makes them insulating. As a result, your room is always wonderfully warm and you also save money on your energy bill.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds give your interior a beautiful appearance. These mood makers are made by hand with materials of the highest quality. Roman blinds are available in 3 different transparencies: a transparent, semi-transparent or blackout version. Make your roman blind more light by adding a lining. Do you want more balance in your interior? Choose the combination of roman blinds and curtains, which you can get in the same material and color.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are inexpensive, versatile and easy to attach and operate. They fit perfectly in a sleek and modern interior and are easy to clean.

Determine the transparency of your roller blind yourself by choosing from semi-transparent and black-out fabric. Blackout blinds are ideal as a cost-effective solution for the bedroom. All options for the bedroom can be found in our article about window decoration in the bedroom.

Duo roller blinds

In a duo roller blind, the advantages of a roller blind and a blind are combined. The fabric is interspersed with mesh and consists of two tracks on the front and back. You can determine the degree of privacy and the incidence of light.

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