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In Search of the Best Voiceovers

In a corporate video, using an inadequate voice over is like a flip-flop on an evening dress. To come to the rescue there are professionals who do this job, who in front of a microphone transform a simple speech into a work of art.

People who know how to interpret the message you want to convey, the words were written adapting it to the music and video images used. Look for the best voiceover talents and the search result will not be very long.

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Voice Over: What to ask and how to choose a Speaker?

These are the main questions to ask yourself when you need to insert a voice-over into a corporate video.

The willingness to register. It may happen that some speakers have exclusives with clients, sectors or radios.

The quality of the recording. Many speakers today have a home studio that gives the possibility to have a good audio quality without having to resort to the external recording studio.

The cost. The national ADAP entry costs more than the emerging speaker. Based on your budget, select the speakers in the price range you’re willing to spend.

Dissemination and use rights. Depending on where and for how long your video will run, the rights to the item are calculated: Web, Radio or TV? National or International?

Delivery times. Don’t call a speaker at the last moment. Make sure you have time for any changes, post-production, synchronization and assembly.

Voice Over: choose the right voice for your corporate video

Which way to choose? Each professional speaker has his own vocal peculiarities, his experience, his flexibility.

Male or female voice over?

While a female voice that talks about robotics and air conditioning systems can work, a male voice has less appeal for an intimate cleanser or new mascara with more volume. A few years ago in The Journal of Advertising, a study was published that examined the reactions to the use of male and female voices in advertising spots, discovering that for neutral or male-oriented products the narrator’s genre did not influence the perception of the message and in the purchase. But for products addressed to women only, a female voice was perceived as much more natural, convincing and reliable than a man’s. The female voice sounds less aggressive, softer and more welcoming, which makes the listener more inclined to trust.

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If, on the other hand, the public is made up of seniors, I advise you to choose male voices with low tones: in old age cases of hearing disorders and presbycusis are frequent, which do not allow sufferers to decode the highest voices.

Voice over young or adult?

How old is the voice you are looking for? No matter how old the speaker is, his voice travels on other tracks with respect to age. You can have a mature voice at 20 and a young one at 60.

The choice of the age of your voice depends on the target, the perception of your brand and the product. It is not a rule but in general, if the message you want to convey is energy and freshness, use a young voice (good for all technological products, for kids, food, etc.) if you want to communicate reliability and solidity (construction, cars, crafts, etc.) use an adult voice.

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