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How Health and Sports Are Connected Here

Many health insurance companies have also recognized the health-promoting effect of sports and promote the health-conscious behavior of their members. In addition, special courses are offered, in which participants and insured persons can do sports together. Of course, school sports have not lost their important social significance for the prevention of diseases and the playful promotion of motor skills in children. Therefore, many parents also rightly criticize when school sports lessons fail. Many working people also use daily running as a balance and energy supplier for the stressful work routine or to recover from the stress of the day in the office after work. For the 먹튀신고 this is important.

Sports and society

The sport and its affiliated culture is a vital element of our community. It is of paramount importance not only for the well-being of each individual but also for the common good and cohesion in our society.


The governing bodies of sports the State Sports Federation and the Sports Shooting Federation have organized around 17,000 clubs and nearly 5 million members. That means: More than every third inhabitant of our country is a member of a sports club. This also means: Thanks to the unbroken popularity and loyalty of the country sports clubs, organized sport acts as a major social staple in an increasingly individualized society. It shapes the social interaction in the cities and especially in the countryside.

The locally rooted sports clubs manage to bring people of all ages, backgrounds, and social backgrounds together. More and more often in sports, a shared experience space is created for people with and without disabilities. Sports clubs are therefore, an indispensable meeting place, integration, and community. Social contacts are made there, friendships are formed, and values ​​are not only conveyed but lived. For many people, the club in their village or in their city, therefore, a piece of quality of life, even a piece of home. Organized sport is thus deeply involved in our society and has a positive impact far beyond sport.

Sport, therefore, not only has a health but also a social function. Sport outside the schools and colleges are therefore subsidized by the Ministry of the Interior. The State Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and the Arts are responsible for school sports and sports teacher training.

Commitment and honors

Civic engagement is very important to us in our country. Above all, demographic change and globalization are presenting our society with new challenges that cannot be met without the active participation of our citizens, both in rural areas and in the city. That is why the Ministry of the Interior supports and promotes civic engagement in sport and integration.

Commitment to the community deserves recognition, for example, through honors. The Federal President and the Free State of Our country honor volunteers with decorations and decorations. It is also a personal concern of the Minister of the Interior to pay tribute to voluntary work. For this purpose, various awards have been created, for example, the state medals.

Youth protection

The Free State of the country has always attached special importance to the protection of its younger citizens. The protection of children and adolescents is therefore anchored in the constitution of the Free State of our country.

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