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Energy and types of energy

The energy stimulates the power to do work in any fields. The energy is that which how things move or work. Energy is around everywhere and it takes place in all activities done by a human or a machine. There are different types of energy they are

  • Wind energy
  • Water energy
  • Solar energy
  • Mechanical energy
  • Kinetic energy
  • Nuclear energy

Wind energy

Wind energy is produced by air and air generates electricity. It refers to that the process is to generate energy from the wind by naturally. These airs are naturally produced by the airflow which occurs in the earth’s surface or the atmosphere. But in modern days they use turbines to capture moving energy from the air and it generates the electricity automatically. If we want to know more about visit Energy Plans By this the energy produced by wind.

Energy Plans

Main use wind energy

  • Utility – gage wind: a wind turbine that ranges sizes from 100 kW to several megawatts. By this electricity produced and delivered to the power network and it is distributed to the end-user by electrical conveniences or the power system operators.

Water energy

This is the energy produced by the water force and the most often its wave. Water energy sources using by water have been around for thousands of years in the form of water chronometers and waterwheels. By this, they can produce electricity.

Advantages of hydroelectric energy :

  • It is safe
  • It is more Stretchy
  • Hydroelectric is very consistent energy

Solar energy

Solar energy refers to catching the energy from a natural source such as (sun) and subsequently changing into electricity. The sun’s energy is fully based on solar radiation. By the use of energy, it produces solar electricity which is possible.

Advantages of solar energy  

  • It reduces the electricity bills in homes and other domestic places
  • Its maintenance cost is very low
  • It is purely based on weather

Mechanical energy

It is the type of energy possessed by an object due to its undertaking or the position. It can be taken in the form of dynamic energy which is due to a thing’s motion or probable energy which is stored as energy due to the object’s or a thing’ s position. It is an energy which is used to work.

Kinetic energy  

It is the form of energy in which an object or a particle has the reason for moving or its change of motion. In work, energy transformation is done on applying by a net force on an object and the object gets its speed upon moving and thereby it gains the kinetic energy. It is a property of affecting object or thing and depends upon not only it’s motion and but also on its form.

Advantage of kinetic energy:

It has the power to produce renewable energy.

Nuclear energy

It is the power holds together the basis of particle.  These atoms are the simplest blocks that make up matter. Every atom has a nucleus in the center. Fission is also used in nuclear power a plant that produces to generate electricity. The two weapons of nuclear are fusion and fission.

Advantages of nuclear energy

  • It is maintainable
  • It produces high energy density
  • It provides a stable baseload of energy.
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