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Choosing the Essential Choices for the Quora Partner Program

If the visitor who came through the affiliate program has placed and paid for the order, the partner’s personal account is replenished with the amount a percentage of the completed and paid order, it is pre-set in the affiliate’s settings. Using the quora partner program is essential in this case now.

After a certain period, when the partner has accumulated the minimum amount for payment, it is transferred from the partner’s personal account to the WebMoney electronic wallet. The wallet number to which the commission is to be transferred is indicated in the affiliate program upon registration. If the commission has not reached the minimum amount for payment, it will be stored in the partner’s personal account until it increases. If the buyer has not paid for the order placed through the partner, the partner does not receive his commission.

What are the types of affiliate programs for online stores?

quora partner program

Pay Per Click

The bottom line is that on the site, under the guise of advertising, the affiliate code is set, which the user clicks on, and you get money for every click. These include teaser and contextual advertising, Slider-banner, Popunder and Click under.


The principle is similar to the previous one, only in this case, each time an ad unit is displayed, you receive a certain amount of money to the account in the affiliate program. Iframe affiliate programs, programs working with the Rich-media format, and a banner can be attributed to this type.

Pay per action

It is a very widespread variant of affiliate programs in the West, but in our country, it’s hard to call a big competition. The essence of the affiliate program is that advertisers pay for the action of the user who clicked on the link. These programs are also called Cost per action or pay per action, but no matter how they are called, they always work according to the same scheme.

Percentage of Sale

Such partners are suitable for information products. In this case, you get a unique link immediately after registration, and also advertise it by any means. Each completed purchase brings a percentage of the affiliate program owner.

Exchange links and articles

Here, the optimizer pays for the promotion, and the webmaster helps him in this while earning on the links and articles that he places as instructed by the optimizer. In such an affiliate marketer, the exchange acts as a store where links from articles and sites on the webmaster’s website are sold. The cost of one link can reach 20 thousand dollars.

Percentage of SMS

In short, we can say that in this case, you can receive 70-80% of each SMS sent by the user. The most popular segments of online shopping are: electronic and household appliances, clothes and shoes, as well as computers, laptops and accessories.

A few tips for creating affiliate programs

In order for the affiliate program to be effective, its creation must be taken very seriously and consciously. A clear assessment of the situation on the Internet market, the right investment in its development, the involvement of webmasters and other interested parties are needed. It is important to voice partners the conditions of interest to them, since it is they who will develop your online store, and it is not necessary to chase their number, the main thing is that such cooperation will be effective.

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