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Remember to turn off the light when you leave a room. The lighting does not stay on unnecessarily. Forgetting to turn off when leaving a room is naturally always possible. A motion detector can then be a good solution. With this system, the lighting in a corridor will turn on as soon as someone shows up but will turn off after a while if no one else is passing by. However, a motion detector is not suitable for all spaces. With the Power to Choose you can have the smartest solutions now.

The best light is the one that costs nothing: daylight. Be sure to make the most of the daylight inside your home. Open the curtains and enjoy the sunlight. Those who are bothered by energy-saving tips are absolutely wrong. Lovers of interior decoration can also positively influence the energy bill, thanks to a few smart and stylish measures.

Do you intend to paint your living room?

Preferably paint your walls in light tones. Light-colored walls reflect 60 to 90% of the light. It will be all the less necessary to switch on the lighting. In certain rooms, such as the toilets, the shed or the technical room, we easily forget to turn off the light when we go out. That’s why we installed a lighting system with a motion detector so that the light turns off automatically.

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You can say of a room that it brings ‘warmth’. This does not mean that it is 25 degrees, but that it is furnished with materials that give a feeling of warmth. It is by choosing wooden parquet, a cork floor covering or a well-insulated tiled floor, that there will be better room temperature. Good results will also be obtained with beautiful double drapes. It is a way to prevent prying eyes, but above all to leave the cold outside.

We believe blinds are one of the most underrated building materials.

We have large south-facing windows. During the winter months and mid-seasons, these windows are our biggest source of free heat, but in summer it can be way too hot. Thanks to our blinds, the temperature inside the house remain pleasant during the day.

In this country, electric bikes have taken off. The e-bike is an attractive means of transport, especially when the car becomes prohibited in town and the lines get longer. The electric car still represents a significant investment, which therefore curbs the enthusiasm of the public. These two means of transport are charged with electricity. Here we give some tips to manage the electric current well and therefore to save energy.

To be able to take full advantage of its capacity, the battery of an e-bike must be charged and discharged at least five times after purchase. This will allow you to use your bike optimally. Keep the battery of your electric bike in a cool environment, like the garage for example. If the battery is left frequently in a heated space, its life will decrease and the charging time will increase.

The battery of your electric car will logically run out less quickly if you do not use the heating or air conditioning at full speed. Care should be taken to use the heating or air conditioning only when absolutely necessary.

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