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A complete history of Stairlift Bristol

A stairlift is a mechanical lifting device commonly used to lift people up and down like a stair for typical people with disabilities. It has also referred to as a chairlift or stair glider Stairlifts. Generally, it consists of a rail-mounted stair tread and a chair or lifting platform that moves up and down along the fence.

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In 1920 C.C.Crispen invented the stairlift – he called this invention the ‘inclinator.’ Crispen created the stairlift to help his sick friend move up and down the stairs. It is how the stairlift was invented.

Types of stairlifts

There are many different types of stairlifts available, but mainly they fall into two main categories:

* Straight stairlifts

* Curved stairlifts

Straight stairlifts:

If your Stair doesn’t have any corners or bends, then a straight stairlift is the perfect solution.   If you have limited mobility and find it challenging to sit down and stand up, Perch seats are available in these stairlifts. The Perch seat works by supporting your standing position rather than sitting and standing up. Stairlifts Bristol provider Pearce Bros Stairlift is like a boon to us.


* They are easy to use and require no professional operation.

*A stairlift is a safe and comfortable option that will be safe

*Using a motorized chair to get from floor to floor reduces the risk of an injury at home that presents a high risk for a fall.

*Missing one step while walking up or down in staircase can result from a broken hip, leg, or a variety of other serious injuries.

*Stairlifts are very easy to operate for most users.

* It is too smooth and comfortable to ride

Curved stairlifts:

Curved stairlifts are just as comfortable as straight stairs. No compromising on quality, and it will offer the same comfort. It primarily has cutting-edge technology and staircase design; a curved stairlift can also be at any stair design. It too has perch seats. The Perch seat works by supporting your standing position rather than sitting and standing up. Whether the staircase is curved or has corners or a spiral frame, or even intermediate landings stairlifts will give the perfect solution.


* Curved Stairlifts are effortless to operate also for children.

* It will work without any hitches

* There will don’t do damage to the walls or the staircase.

* It will be fit to any stairs


*The main disadvantage to stairlifts is that they are costly.

* It also requires a lot of electricity and a rise in your electric bill

* It’s difficult to conceal

Usage of stairlifts:

All types of stairlifts have a simple switch that controls their movement. The lift moves up or down the stairway; the rider pushes and holds the button. To stop the stairlift, release the switch, and the charge will stop moving. The chair will beep once and stop automatically when the stairlift reaches the Stair end. It’s so simple to use or travel in it.


It will be much expensive in INDIA; its price range is between two laths fifty thousand to eighty laths fifty thousand.

Step in some applications and some homes, it is imperative to get a rail, and also it causes a little bit of blockage at regular use of the house. There are options like power-folding or manual-folding. However, technology has grown it never stop helping peoples.

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