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Many males undergo gynecomastia surgery to rectify the breast, nipple and the areola deformities and restore the normal male breast contour. This treatment is well known for treating gynecomastia issues or enlarged males’ breasts. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of having a good post-op routine after the surgery.

In the present scenario, enlarged male breasts have become embarrassing as well as a frustrating situation for many people. So to solve this situation they try different ways like exercising, following diet regime, consuming supplements and so on. But when they do not get expected results from other alternatives than they undergo gynecomastia surgery to get normal breast contour. The goal of this surgery is to remove undesired skin, fat deposits and the glandular tissue to restore the firmer, masculine and flatter contour to the chest. If you are also suffering from gynecomastia issues then you must approach the doctor and get gynecomastia treatment on time.

  1. Return to normal activities:-

Patients in certain cases take off from their work for several days and follow the instructions provided by the surgeon attentively so that they can get back to the work soon. You can gradually perform some light-weight exercises which include cardio and lower body workouts after a couple of weeks. However, you must avoid the chest training and upper body exercises until or unless your surgeons clear you. If you follow the instructions attentively and take complete bed rest then you are able to get back to your work soon.

  1. Wear your compression vest:-

This is also another most important aspect of good breast reduction surgery post-op routine. Wearing this garment can reduce the swelling and encourages proper healing. This garment helps with skin retraction and provides support as well. Thus, it is usually recommended by the surgeon at least four weeks of your healing procedure.

  1. Stay hydrated, but avoid over intake of fluids:-

You must avoid the overconsumption of fluids as excess fluid can increase the seroma chances after this particular kind of surgery. If you are a candidate for such a type of surgery then you should monitor the consumption of fluid intake. Make sure you do not drink the fluid in a massive quantity.

  1. Perform tissue massage:-

One of the other important parts of the good gynecomastia surgery post-op routine is tissue massage. You can start with the massage on the treated area after the three weeks of the surgery with your hand or with the help of a roller device to make the tissue soft and it will also help the tissue to lay evenly. It is recommended that when you begin with massage then you must spend approximately 25 minutes daily.

  1. Practice good posture:-

Before undergoing breast reduction surgery, many males are having a habit of hunching to hide their overly large breasts like females. But after post-op, you should revitalize your motivational thoughts, confidence, and morale. This surgery is going to enhance the appearance of the person and also helps to boost morale.

These are some of the benefits which depict why a good post-op routine is compulsory after undergoing breast reduction surgery. If you are also considering this surgery then you must follow all the pre-operative and post-operative instructions attentively so that you can enjoy the expected and long-lasting results.

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